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Introduction to Sustainable Real Estate

November 29, 2022

Since humans began burning fossil fuels during the Industrial Revolution, we have released an immense amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere, causing global warming and a cascade of interconnected and accelerating climate-related impacts. To slow this dangerous trend and preserve the stability of our environment, society, and financial system, our economy must rapidly decarbonize and collectively strive toward achieving net zero emissions by 2050.  


Among all industries, buildings and construction represent the single biggest source of energy consumption and GHG emissions worldwide — in 2021, the industry consumed 34% of global final energy and generated 37% of energy-related CO2 emissions. Given the disproportionate share of emissions generated by buildings, there is a considerable onus on the real estate industry to rapidly reduce emissions in order to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.  


In support of VIBE’s first book (of the Sustainable Built Environment 12 book series), introducing sustainability and sustainable real estate, VIBE’s newest white paper examines the causal connection between buildings and climate change and explores how an industry shift toward decarbonization can pave the way for a more financially, environmentally, and socially resilient built environment.  


VIBE’s newest white paper examines the causal connection between the built environment and climate change, as well as industry trends, shifting regulatory landscapes, and potential solutions specific to real estate.


Author: Carli Schoenleber, Content Writer, VIBE and Verdani Partners


Research and Editing: Reagan Redd, Research Assistant, VIBE


Editor: Bennett Rea, Editor, VIBE


Content Advisors: Daniele Horton

Project Management: Julie Jacobson, Executive Director, VIBE and Senior ESG Manager, Verdani Partners

Graphic Designers: Art Ace Samson, VIBE 

Full credits in report.

Sponsor: Lord Green Strategies

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