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VIBE Newsletter - Holiday Giving 2019

Learn about our Holiday Giving cause and donate in December!

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VIBE Newsletter - Summer 2022

VIBE released its first white paper, “Navigating ESG Reporting Frameworks: A Comprehensive Guide" in August of 2022, in support of our upcoming book on ESG reporting frameworks in VIBE's Sustainable Built Environment book series.

VIBE Newsletter - holidays 2020

We established the nonprofit Verdani Institute for the Built Environment
(VIBE)to channel our vast expertise in sustainable development into impactful projects designed to fulfill a bold mission: to position the global building sector as a powerful force for sustainable development, and climate change mitigation.

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VIBE Newsletter - holidays 2021

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VIBE newsletter - Spring 2022

This year as always, VIBE continues to share the message of Verdani Institutefor the Built Environment (VIBE) to help catalyze action for climatesolutions. Never before has there been a greater need for action to stabilizeEarth’s climate as the present - scientists report that in order to limittemperature rise to 1.5 degrees, the next 10 years will be critical, so the time toact is now.