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Guidance Report

Corporate ESG Strategies

Coming in early 2024

This guidance report provides strategies for companies to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into their corporate structure. From strategic planning to iterative evaluation, the report outlines each step of the ESG implementation process and includes best practices for initial vision and mission statements, materiality assessments, structural integration, budgeting, policymaking and execution, reporting and certifications, and annual review procedures. 

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Author: Carli Schoenleber, Content and Engagement Specialist, VIBE and Verdani Partners 

Author/Editor: Bennett Rea, Editor, VIBE 

Research and Editing: Darian Gore, Research Assistant, VIBE 

Content Advisor: Daniele Horton, Founder and

CEO of Verdani Partners, Founder of VIBE 

Jerry Yudelson, LEED Fellow Emeritus 

Project Management:  Julie Jacobson, Executive Director VIBE; Senior ESG Manager, Verdani Partners  


Graphic Design: Cassandra Taylor, Lead Designer, Template Creator, Verdani Partners 


Sponsor: Verdani Partners and seeking additional sponsorship 

Volunteers: Carolina Guzman

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