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A book written for young children offering a powerful yet accessible story on the causes of climate change, what solutions exist to heal our planet, and how each and every one of us can make a tangible difference in building a future that is vibrant, sustainable, and equitable. 


Children face growing climate impacts

The next generation have done nothing to cause the climate crisis, yet they stand to bear the greatest burden. Many already are. Without immediate and widespread action to hold global temperature rise to 1.5°C within the next decade, our children and grandchildren will inherit a planet that looks very different than it does today.

We must empower them to create solutions.

We have the responsibility to teach young children about climate change and help them to create a more sustainable future. 

At VIBE, we aim to educate and inform children through powerful storytelling, information sharing, and community building. That's why we created Earth's Climate Heroes

Written by VIBE founder Daniele Horton, Earth's Climate Heroes stems from a passionate mother who also has a robust background in climate science and sustainable development. Earth's Climate Heroes is colorful, bright, and richly illustrated to capture the imagination of children while evoking a sense of hope.

Daniele Horton



As a mom, teacher, and environmental activist I felt like we needed better tools to educate the next generation about climate change. A simple, easily understandable approach addressing what causes it as well as what we can do to help resolve it. I teach sustainability to master’s degree students too, and it seems many still do not connect how our way of life has been negatively impacting the environment. The idea for this book began when I was trying to explain climate change to my own kids. I started doodling to illustrate it—that's when we decided to work together on a book for other kids. The discussion of climate change can be overwhelming and scary.  While this educational book acknowledges the potential dangers, it is also a message of hope and possibility with a call for engagement and action for young people globally to help build a better future together.

—Daniele Horton, VIBE Founder and mother of two 


Share your stories, pictures, videos of kids globally inspired to take action on climate change - please via email or on our socials using #EarthsClimateHeroes and we'll add it to our map!

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Join us as an Outreach Partner and see how your company can help support and inspire youth.

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You can bring Earth's Climate Heroes into schools or libraries in your own community.

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Is there a child you know taking action on climate? Share their Earth's Climate Hero story.


Virtual readings upcoming for "Read Across America" and Earth Day 


VIBE is grateful for the support of our #EarthsClimateHeroes partners. 

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