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Guidance Report

Global Decarbonization

Coming in 2024


“Global Decarbonization,” the fifth report in our Sustainable Built Environment series, will dive into the commercial real estate industry's transition to a low-carbon future. This guidance report will critically analyze asset- and portfolio-level strategies including electrification, on- and off-site renewable energy, innovative technologies, and data analytics, examining their applicability and effectiveness across various market sectors. It will also highlight emerging decarbonization trends and address the evolving regulatory environment, equipping industry stakeholders with comprehensive knowledge to navigate the complexities of decarbonization and align with global climate goals.

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Exploring global decarbonization strategies for sustainability


Carli Schoenleber, Content and Engagement Specialist, VIBE and Verdani Partners

Research and Editing:

Darian Gore, Research Assistant, VIBE


Bennett Rea, Editor, VIBE

Content Advisors:

Daniele Horton, Founder and

CEO of Verdani Partners, Founder of VIBE

Jerry Yudelson, LEED Fellow Emeritus

Project Management:

Julie Jacobson, Executive Director; VIBE and Associate Director of ESG, Verdani Partners

Paulynn Cue, Project Management, Chief Communications Officer, Verdani Partners.

Graphic Designers:

Cassandra Taylor, Lead Designer, Template Creator, Verdani Partners


Luciana Aguiarde Aquino Manhaes, Lead Designer, VIBE.


Jackie Royds, Graphic Designer, Verdani Partners.

Sponsors: Verdani Partners and seeking additional sponsorship

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