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Get your copy of VIBE's New Guidance Report – Green Certifications and Rating Systems: Building, Product, and Professional

Updated: Jun 28

Updated: February 15, 2024

Please download and share VIBE’s latest guidance report, which provides a comprehensive

overview of major certifications and rating systems in three distinct categories: green buildings, green building products, and green building professionals. Bolstered by the most up-to-date information verified directly from certifying agencies and organizations, the report lays out the processes, eligibility requirements, fees, timelines, and other relevant data points necessary to decide which certifications are worth pursing on a case-by-case basis. It also supplies in-depth analysis of each certification.

Verdani’s nonprofit, Verdani Institute for the Built Environment (VIBE), has published a new guidance report “Green Certifications and Rating Systems: Building, Product, and Professional,” part of VIBE’s 13-part Sustainable Built Environment Guidance Report Series. Written for beginners and professionals alike, this report offers a condensed, birds-eye view of the topic of Green Certifications, comparing and contrasting the aspects to consider for the wide variety of certifications available in the marketplace. We are currently working on an update to include health and well-being and biodiversity-related certifications, planned for released in Spring or Summer 2024. Click here to read the guidance report.

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