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Guidance Report

Green Certifications and Rating Systems:
Building, Professional, and Product 

Coming in late 2023

This guidance report provides a comprehensive overview of major certifications and rating systems in three distinct categories: green buildings, green professions, and green products. Bolstered by the most up-to-date information from certifying agencies and organizations, the report lays out the processes, eligibility requirements, fees, timelines, and other relevant data points necessary to decide which certifications are worth pursing on a case-by-case basis. It also supplies in-depth analysis of each certification as well as case studies for select programs. 

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Title GBRAS revised

Author: Carli Schoenleber, Content and Engagement Specialist, VIBE and Verdani Partners 

Author/Editor: Bennett Rea, Editor, VIBE 

Research and Editing: Darian Gore, Research Assistant, VIBE 

Content Advisors: Daniele Horton, Founder and

CEO of Verdani Partners, Founder of VIBE 

Jerry Yudelson, LEED Fellow Emeritus

Madison Dorman, Associate Director of Certifications, Verdani Partners

Project Management:  Julie Jacobson, Executive Director VIBE; Senior ESG Manager, Verdani Partners 


Graphic Designers: Luciana Aguiar de Aquino Manhaes, Graphic Designer, VIBE  


Cassandra Taylor, Lead Designer, Template Creator, Verdani Partners 


Sponsor: Verdani Partners and seeking additional sponsorship 

Volunteer Researchers: Eva Asfahani, Kimiya Khoushkhou, Ann Natunewicz, Hannah Apple, Lenah Lankhar, Leora Cooper, George Cortez, Emme Moore, Ruby Gonzalez-Jiminez, Abbey Serio, Michal Pineda, Robert Distler

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