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1. VIBE Holiday Newsletter 2023

We are sharing VIBE's intent to help catalyze urgent action for climate solutions. Never before has there been a greater need for action to help stabilize Earth’s climate than the present. Scientists report that in order to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the next seven years will be critical. We invite you to give generously to fuel impactful action and meaningful change. All donations to VIBE will be triple-matched through December 31, 2023 ($50,000 maximum).


2. VIBE Summer 2023 Newsletter

By working with our vast networks including educators, building professionals, environmental organizations, investors, developers, and industry groups, we promote and distribute powerful resources to educate and train thousands of students and industry professionals.


3. VIBE Newsletter - Spring 2023

VIBE is thrilled to release "Introduction to Sustainable Real Estate," the latest in its series of guidance reports.


4. VIBE Newsletter - Holiday Giving 2022

3x matching to VIBE this holiday season - help fuel climate action in the built environment Make a 3x Impact on GivingTuesday


5. VIBE Newsletter - Summer 2022

VIBE released its first white paper, “Navigating ESG Reporting Frameworks: A Comprehensive Guide" in August of 2022, in support of our upcoming book on ESG reporting frameworks in VIBE's Sustainable Built Environment book series.


6. VIBE newsletter - Spring 2022

This year as always, VIBE continues to share the message of Verdani Institutefor the Built Environment (VIBE) to help catalyze action for climatesolutions. Never before has there been a greater need for action to stabilizeEarth’s climate as the present - scientists report that in order to limittemperature rise to 1.5 degrees, the next 10 years will be critical, so the time toact is now.


7. Verdani Vitals - Giving Tuesday and Greenbuild 2022 Recap

We are urgently working on a series of educational and workforce training resources thatteach the critical aspects of sustainability of buildings and in the built environment.


8. Verdani Vitals - Happy Holidays from Verdani

As we wrap up 2022, we wish you and your family a very happy holiday season! This year has been
an exciting time of growth


9. VIBE Newsletter - Holidays 2021

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10. VIBE Newsletter - Holidays 2020

We established the nonprofit Verdani Institute for the Built Environment
(VIBE)to channel our vast expertise in sustainable development into impactful projects designed to fulfill a bold mission: to position the global building sector as a powerful force for sustainable development, and climate change mitigation.


11. VIBE Newsletter - Holiday Giving 2019

Learn about our Holiday Giving cause and donate in December!

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