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By giving to VIBE today, you can help change our climate trajectory.  


Ways to Give


By Mail

Guidance Report Sponsorship 

1% for the Planet


Earth's Climate Heroes Sponsorship


2024 VIBE Sponsorship Level Benefits

Your gift will make an immediate impact

We are a young non-profit with bold aspirations, and every dollar donated will have an immediate and meaningful impact. Your generous donations will help us to:

  1. Invest in our organization, hiring key staff and management. 

  2. Lay the analytical groundwork for building resilience tools in development which will provide specific measures to improve building resilience to unique regional risks. 

  3. Help us publish our Sustainable Real Estate Guidance Report Series, a resource for educators and professionals to scale the understanding of building sustainability opportunities and help drive immediate action on climate change. 

  4. Launch our online course for sustainability in the built environment to bring the key lessons of the textbook into an on demand and classroom setting to empower the next generation of sustainable building leaders. 

  5. Help us publish our Climate Heroes Children’s book to help children to be empowered to make a difference in the world and help solve the climate crisis. 

  6. Launch our Sustainability Collaboration Forum to facilitate global collaboration on key sustainability topics, projects, challenges, and best practices.

By working through our vast networks in the educators, building professionals, developers, and trade groups, we plan to promote and distribute these powerful resources to educate thousands of students and professionals, inspire them to know that a better climate through better buildings is possible, and catalyze coordinated action to combat climate change.

Together, we are creating a thriving and more resilient planet for future generations.


1% for the Planet

In Spring 2022, VIBE joined a global movement of non-profits fighting to protect the environment and creating high-impact partnerships with organizations giving back 1% of their annual sales to the cause.


VIBE seeks to partner with organizations dedicated to giving back 1% of their annual profits to support green building education and workforce training, and VIBE's overall mission to position the global building sector as a positive force for sustainable development, resilience practices, and ESG collaboration. Please find our profile linked.


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