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VIBE was a sponsor and had a booth at the Net Zero Conference in Los Angeles on September 14 2023

📣 The Net Zero Conference showcased the latest advancements in carbon reduction, climate action, and sustainability across industries. 🤝 We're all working toward a common goal: a sustainable, equitable, and thriving future. It was an honor for VIBE to be among the sponsors and host a booth at the recent annual Net Zero Conference. VIBE connected with industry leaders and mingled in the expo hall with every conversation reaffirming the urgency of our mission: tackling climate change, limiting global warming, and building a more resilient future. 🌟 💼 VIBE had a busy booth where we shared our commitment to sustainability for the built environment and education and met other brilliant minds dedicated to the same.

💡 Some key takeaways from the conference from Blake McLam:

"Natural" gas should be called what it is: Methane gas or Fossil gas. A new natural gas hookup is installed every minute in the US. We need to change this if we are going to meet our collective goals.

California SB 253, the climate corporate data accountability act, is on the governor's desk. This act requires corporations profiting over a billion dollars to track and publish their scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. This will help to hold corporations accountable for their climate impact and will presumably be signed before the 14th of October.

Virtual power plants (VPPs) can be an important puzzle piece to decarbonize the electrical grid. VPPs are networks of distributed energy resources, such as solar panels and batteries, that can be aggregated and controlled to provide grid services.

⏳ Time is running out, but the energy, innovation, and determination we witnessed at this conference give us hope - Let's keep pushing for a greener, more sustainable world! 🌿 Thank you to the Verdical Group team for hosting this event and including VIBE.

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