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Youth Climate Action Day (October 23rd) and join VIBE’s Climate Hero Map

In honor of Youth Climate Action Day, we are expanding our Climate Heroes Map on the VIBE website! Our goal is to have 20 children highlighted on the map by the end of October 2022. You can join this map by doing anything local, big or small to fight Climate Change - see ideas below! Because all actions are important and add up, please join others around the world by sharing your stories, pictures, or videos of children taking action against Climate Change so we can add you to VIBE’s map! The Climate Heroes Map is at the bottom of the page linked – please join us there! Earth's Climate Heroes | Verdani Institute For The Built Environment (

Please send entries to or click the purple submit button under the map!

For more information on Youth Climate Action Day visit Climate Action Day - Engage and Participate 5 Simple Climate Action Ideas for Everyone

As we recognize the increasing impacts of Climate Change, it has become apparent that everyone should start taking daily steps towards a more sustainable future. Getting started can be overwhelming - so VIBE is here to help! Below are some ideas for ways you can act against Climate Change and be a Climate Hero this fall by taking small steps, and please join our Climate Heroes online map too!

  1. Ride your bike to a friend’s house instead of driving a car

  2. Use leaves & branches and re-purpose other existing craft materials to create fall or Halloween decorations and/or make your own costume instead of buying

  3. Make sure you are properly sorting your waste into trash, recycling and composting

  4. Talk to parents and family about shopping plastic free or low waste

  5. Gather a group of people for a local litter clean-up

  6. Write a letter to your local Congress person asking what they’re doing about Climate Change and share your wishes and goals

Climate Change can be a scary and overwhelming subject, but we are all in this together. Let VIBE be your resource to take action! See the other tips in the glossary of VIBE’s book Earth’s Climate Heroes!

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